Sunday, August 19, 2007

More pranks, please

Alyse links to a Ms. Pacman-themed music video. I'll take this opportunity to plug the UM Patriots' excellent Pacman video (read Forest Casey's Daily story on the group here.)

Anyone hear anything on whether they're going to be around in the fall? I'm a huge fan of elaborate college pranks, and I think there aren't nearly enough of them at Michigan. Hopefully after UM Patriots' successes last year, we'll at least start seeing some good copycats.

Probably the best college prank I've seen, by the way, is "Lecture Musical" by this group out of Columbia. It's a really impressive, elaborate effort, and it's executed perfectly. I also like the professor's reaction. "Start-Up Sound" is pretty good, too.

Anyone at Michigan think they can do better? I'm looking at you, Royal Lions.

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Forest said...

Donn -

Thanks for the plug. It has been forever since I checked your tiny place on the internet frontier.

As far as the UM Pats go, last I heard they were looking for ideas. The best they could come up with was going into a McDonalds dressed as a life-size Hamburgler and demanding 100,000 hamburgers.