Wednesday, August 15, 2007

David Boyle, fixture of the netroots

An American Spectator writer, in a roundup of embarrassing comments by lefty bloggers at the YearlyKos convention, found this gem by the always-bizarre David Boyle:

"St. Augustine's heavenly 'City of God' is not wholly different from the 'City of Kos' or the 'City of Blog' that the orange (not clockwork) cooperative 'we' blog Daily Kos is." Boyle writes. "The blog is just too progressive not to be redolent of something higher."

If you don't know Boyle, it's hard to describe how weird he is. The unofficial style at the Daily for describing him is "Ann Arbor gadfly." I think he's the only Arbor Update blogger ever to be kicked off the site. Check out his music video and mp3s (songs include "George W. Pussy" and "Arafat May Never Die" here.


Manfred Mansel said...

On a really unrelated note, did you know that Detroit is God's City?
I mean, at least that's what Kwame says. I wonder how God feels about that. But then again, Kwame and God must be pretty close, since God gave him his mayoral position and all.

Sorry. I incorrectly remembered him calling Detroit "the City of God", but couldn't help myself even after I figured out I was wrong. :/

Nolan said...

Those weren't comments overheard at YearlyKos, they are excerpts from a book published about the first YearlyKos called UnConventional

Not that it really matters, but I figured it was worth a comment.

Nolan said...

And for the record, as someone also quoted in that piece, I'm offended you would call them "embarrassing comments"