Friday, August 10, 2007

Facebook group of the day (or: How stupid is Leon Drolet?)

Group name: Prop #2 is the best thing in Michigan since sliced bread
Type: Student Groups - Political Groups
Members: 96
Description: Everyone that is happy that the minorities finally stop complaining and are now considered equal to whites then join this group because this is how i feel. So join the group if your happy about it cause I know I am. Also if your mad about every interview against prop 2 is from some minority asshole that has a dumb ass name that you know is foreign by looking at it

Must be some kind of a parody by left-leaning tricksters, right? No respectable Michigan Civil Rights Initiative supporter would ever be dumb enough to join such an objectionable group.

Oh, wait:

Yes, that's the Leon Drolet, former statewide chair of the MCRI, and now chair of a state panel on civil rights.


Anonymous said...

LOL, classic.

Joe Sylvester said...

You make it sound like he is doing something so controversial. The fact of the matter is, is that Michigan overwhelmingly voted for Proposal 2.

The stupid person is the person that is in a group that opposed the ballot initiative.

I guess I don't understand your angle. Leon was the state chair of MCRI...and most of Michiganders voted for it. You make it sound like the measure was repudiated or has been proven without a shadow of a doubt to be a bad thing.

Reality is not found in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor. It's found with the average American.

You are pretty harsh on you think its really necessary? I suspect you and him have more in common then Zatkoff and I do.

Leon Drolet said...


I joined the group because a Facebook friend invited me and the name of the group sounded fine. I guess I should have read the stupid group description before joining but, as you implied, I am JUST TOO STUPID!

That being said, and in spite of the crude and dumb group description, much of the discussion in the group is acceptable debate.

Ought I be more careful as a recognized leader on Prop. 2 and civil rights issues? Yeah, I ought. But I am just too stupid!

Donn said...

Joe, take another look at the group description. It's off-message at best.

Sirene said...

Joe, I think you are missing the point completely. This isn't about the fact that the state chair of MCRI joined a pro-MCRI group; it's about the fact that the chair joined a group as offensive and ridiculous as this one. I think Donn, being a journalist and all, has no problem admitting that there are 2 sides to this debate, but the facebook group is irresponsible and down-right offensive. Then again, I may just be one of those minorities whose name can't be pronounced. Eh. What do I know?

Joe Sylvester said...

I digress...

Anonymous said...

Headline from August 6th Post:

"Attn. national media: Nothing on Facebook means anything"

Chet said...

There is no question the group description is childish and sophomoric. Leon clearly made a mistake - that of not reading the description and carelessness. On the other hand, as you and the anonymous poster point out, nothing on Facebook means anything (or at least not much).