Monday, August 27, 2007

Apparently some crooked fuckers broke into my sea lab yesterday

I was hoping I could work downtown all summer without having my car broken into. No such luck. Someone decided last night to trade me his chunk of concrete for my iPod. Come back later for pictures.


Anonymous said...

seems someone hasn't quite wised up to Detroit and Detroit got wise to them...

Donn said...

yeah, I hear the best strategy is to leave nothing in the car and keep the doors unlocked. that way, people can open the door, look around and move on without breaking anything.

Mike Radtke said...

Or you could lock your important stuff like an Ipod in your glove compartment/trunk.

The worst thing to do in Detroit is leave expensive stuff in plain view for a long period of time.

The price of the window is annoying too. During a tigers game once, someone broke my $175 for the $1.50 in pennies I had left in my exposed cupholder. I learned after that.

If you have comprehensive insurance, you can look into replacements, but I don't know your policy or your deductible.

I hope everything turns out okay.

Ross said...

What sort of a parking lot were you in?

Someone stole my stereo receiver earlier this year. They only broke my passenger side lock, so I haven't fixed it. I just can't unlock my car from the passenger side.