Friday, August 3, 2007

Affirmative action talk

Chetly Zarko, the anti-affirmative action crusader and former Michigan Review writer, has launched a new "cross-partisan" blog about affirmative action and racial equality. According to this intro page, the site is supposed to be a place for opponents and proponents of racial preferences to find some common ground.

So far, it seems like Zarko is the only poster. Still, it's not a bad idea, and I agree that people on either side of this issue have more in common than most of them think. I hope Zarko manages to find some sharp bloggers from both sides. If he does, it could get interesting.

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Chet said...


You're more than welcome to become a co-moderator. I actually hadn't gotten around to inviting moderators (David Boyle would be awesome on the left if he's out there) directly as I was trying to get some of the WIKI started.

I actually see as much potential for the Wiki - as a knowledgebase of all that is race - as the blog. I sense that I'm going to be less tolerant with the Wiki however - I'm looking for quality community based editing here and attempts to edit it from a partisan perspective will have to be stopped, since the purpose of the wiki is encylopedic and historic.