Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Best testimony ever

If you're not following this recent trial proceedings in the former Detroit cops' lawsuit against the mayor, you really should be.

Of all the salacious details, this is my favorite so far:

Ex-Detroit cop Walter A. Harris Jr. testified the mayor "chuckled" when the winter wind blew open the fur and revealed that the woman was otherwise naked.

Here's another good one:

Also today, a female Detroit police officer testified that the mayor urged her at a party "to take care of my boy" -- a reference to his friend, Bobby Ferguson.

"I thought it meant in a sexual way or date him or give him what he
wanted," said Officer Cathy Wright.


Melissa said...

Yesss....something that I epopped you made it to the blog! I'm sure you had already read that on your own, but it's still an honor, considering you're a hot-shot blogger now ;)
Now if only you'd write that post about how MSU isn't so terrible afterall...

Brad said...

I hope so! I found this site by accident: nice to see attention paid to our voiceless sea brethren. How do you feel about bottom feeders?