Friday, July 27, 2007

Out of touch much?

I think U-M is often unfairly criticized for being out of touch with the rest of the state. But from a PR standpoint, buying foreign cars for administrators while the Detroit auto industry withers away is just stupid.

This is typical of Michigan, though:
U-M would not release the make and model of the vehicles employees drive. U-M was the only university to deny The News' Freedom of Information request, saying the release would be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.


trhaynes said...

What's with the dash in U-M? "The University of Michigan" has no dash in it and I know of no standard method of forming acronyms that involves hyphens.

Donn said...

It's Detroit News style. The Freep and Ann Arbor News use it, too. I think it's because U. of M. looks unwieldly and UM looks stupid.

Donn said...

On the other hand, maybe typing University of Michigan every time would get me more search-engine hits. I'll think about it.