Monday, July 23, 2007

The debate

Just watched the Democratic CNN/YouTube debate. A few thoughts:
  • I expected this format to be worthless, especially after some hipster doofus opened the debate by lecturing the candidates on how to answer questions. It's actually not bad, though. This Reggie Longcrier guy, who called out the candidates for using religion to justify opposing gay marriage, was fantastic -- you'd never see a moderator ask a question like that.
  • All of this talk about whether American soldiers died in vain in Vietnam or Iraq is pretty irritating, because it leads candidates to say inane things to avoid admitting that's the case. (That would be a Kinsley gaffe.) For example, does John Edwards really believe soldiers can't die in vain if they're following their commander in chief's orders? Does that mean there has never been a war that wasn't worth the human cost?
  • Richardson had one good moment: his answer on gay marriage. By talking in terms of what is achievable, he at least seemed to acknowledge that full marriage rights should be an eventual goal. His actual position is the same as the others, but at least he's a little more honest about where he's coming from.
  • Richardson also had one awful moment: his answer on pulling out of Iraq. I know he's trying to set himself apart from the other serious candidates by urging immediate withdrawal, but the formula he used -- that saving Bush's legacy isn't worth American soldiers' lives -- was pathetic. I hope he doesn't really think the fate of Iraq and the humanitarian crisis there are only important to Bush's legacy.


Anonymous said...

Dems don't care if all the Sunnis and Kurds are slaughtered, they just want out, no matter how many die.

andrew said...

i thought the same thing about dying in vain. hard to believe people really buy that kind of bullshit.

Forest said...

Obama really needs to work on his paralanguage. He has become difficult to watch because I want him to be as articulate as Chris Dodd and he winds up being as staccato as Chris Cornell.

Also, I completely agree with your Reggie Longcrier comment. I was drunkenly clapping for about a minute after his video was shown.