Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Attention Wes Anderson fans

In case you haven't heard, the trailer for "The Darjeeling Limited" came out yesterday. (via Alyse)


kingson said...

i despise wes anderson and everything that he represents.

that said, doesn't paul haggis look like a future version of him?

Donn said...

you're absolutely right

Manfred Mansel said...

what does wes represent? i didn't know he represented anything.

also, nice plug. thanks, yo.

Forest said...

Before this comes out, let's have a Wes Anderson marathon and watch Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Tennenbaums, and Aquatic in one night.

We can invite Kingson.

The trailer looks great, by the way.

kingson said...

i could do a really good take down of him, but it's too hot in my room to think. in short, wes represents the fashionable caustic irony that is ruining america.

i can see his appeal to certain types - he describes his fans as "outsiders" and "misfits". his message is irresistible, i guess, to those who pride themselves on standing apart.

but there's no heart to his movies. it's all set pieces and synthetic awkwardness and idiosyncrasy and moments held for so long that they fall apart. his camera is mean. his movies pucker my soul.