Monday, July 23, 2007

Ann Arbor is weird

Looking through the "missed connections" on Ann Arbor Craigslist today reminded me what a strange, confusing sense of humor Ann Arborites have. Sometimes I can't tell whether they're sharply ironic and self-effacing or just oblivious and bizarre.

A few highlights:
  • "It was during the art fair weekend, but it wasn't near the fair, as I suspect even though both townies (either transplant or native), we abhor the art fair and the cookie cutter wares they sell there." It gets better. (Later, some kind of critique from a third party.)
  • Moose seeking moose. Clearly a joke, but why?
  • Vampire with an Asian fetish.
  • This one is pretty humdrum except for the closing line, which cracked me up.

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ash said...

WTF? That's hilarious.